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Ultimedia redesign, a look behind the scenes…

By May 10, 2010 No Comments

Finally a new look for Ultimedia !

After 10 years of loyal services, it was time to refresh my website.

New logo

First things first, a new logo was needed.

I wanted to play with the U and M in UltiMedia to clarify the 2-word origin (ultimate + media).
In the past some people have been confused by the name.
The fact that the previous logo was all lower case didn’t help…

Below you can see some early concepts.

I liked a lot of them but in the end I chose this one.
Slight abstraction, tech feel, energy… it felt right to me.

Buttongrass on fog

The new logo almost complete I needed to look at the website interface.
I really wanted to use my buttongrass on fog image that I shot years ago in the Tarkine region in north west Tasmania.
It’s a special image to me and I love the soft colour that the fog offered that morning.

As I refined the design it didn’t quite work when showcasing my web sites.
The background was too light and the hue was clashing with some of my web designs.

The final design still uses my image from the Tarkine but in a darker, more neutral feel.
The button grass is inverted to be more prominent (at the top rather than the bottom of the page) and also to create a bit of interest.

Et voilĂ 

The result is the website you are seeing right now.

I hope you like it.